Treatment of fractures close to a joint ( juxta articular ) is always a tough challenge. Standard intramedullary nailing techniques don’t work here. The conventional plating techniques are the gold standard but have significant disadvantages too. Long incisions leading to more post op pain, stiffness, stripping of periodsteum, higher chance of infection so on and so forth. With evolving concepts of minimal access surgery and major leaps in our understanding of fracture healing and also availability of specialised implants , most of these disadvantages can now be satisfactorily addressed using Minimally invasive Plate Osteosynthesis. Here the cuts are minimal, soft tissue stripping is avoided and recovery and rehab is much faster. Also in today’s world where patients are demanding smaller and smaller scars , this is a major boon in fracture surgery. We are now routinely using these techniques in most long bone fractures and are constantly working on extending these principles to other fractures also.